I’m teaming up with authors from  the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network for another awesome e-book sale. Starting today (December 19th) and running until the end of the year, the FSFNet is having a spectacular blockbuster sale featuring free, 99¢, and bargain e-books. You’ll find award-winning and bestselling authors like Patricia Reding, A.R. Silverberry, L.R.W. Lee, and J.D. Hallowell. We’ve also got up-and-coming authors including Kasper Beaumont, Joshua Grasso, Lori Fitzgerald, and many more.

Blockbuster Sale!

As the Crow Flies is on sale, and my new short story, The High Roads, is also available.

As the Crow FliesThe High Roads

Check out the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network site for a list of all the awesome books on sale!(Watch closely, as the savings on some will disappear without notice. Be sure to check the price carefully before you hit “buy.”) And if your shopping is all wrapped up, use this opportunity to get yourself a gift!

Happy Christmas!