Hello, faithful readers!

This is not the post I’d planned for today, nor the time I meant to post it (oops! I’m late!), but it’s been a busy week, so what I have for you is a quick update.

On May 21, grandchild #3 came into our lives. We are smitten. He is adorable.

Then, on June 7, grandchild #4 appeared. She, too, is adorable and instantly melted our hearts. We have such cute grandchildren! (No, really!)

Between those two amazing events we began a super-sized yard makeover: taking out a big chunk of sod in the back yard and putting in a flower bed, a little patio, (hopefully) a big patio (but we’re still waiting on the Patio Dudes), and repairing the insane sprinkling system we inherited when we bought our house. (Who puts sprinkler heads meant for the entire yard behind trees? Three out of four across the back fence, and don’t get me started on the rest!)

AND… it suddenly became summer here. We’re having temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s, which would be great if we were sipping cool drinks on the patio, enjoying the new scenery, but it is not very fun to work in!

Backyard Makeover 2017

The west corner of the back yard… and it looks pretty much the same all the way to the east corner, so I’ll spare you more pictures. For now…

Wish us luck! And stay tuned for more interesting things to read soon… Er… eventually?!