Today begins an event so epic, so awesome, I can hardly sit still. Ladies and jellybeans… the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!

Blood and Shadow, the first book of The Mage’s Gift, will be released on December 10th—my birthday! Way to celebrate, right?

New Cover Reveal! Blood and Shadow: Part 1 of The Mage’s Gift

It was a fun road from idea to finished product—and fun working with my graphic designer hubby who came up with the winning design!


I want dark red to represent the blood. And a medallion. Not THAT medallion. It needs to be the shape of his tattoo. And, um… No.


Looks very fiery. I like the castle, but this feels too dark and it’s missing something.


Oh, this is nice! But we’ve lost the dark red and that’s a lot of sky with ivery little castle to show for it. Not there yet. What do you mean, I’m picky??


Cool. Wait, WHAT? You’re just fooling with me now!

Okay, now we’re talking! Gimme back the dark red, and make that medallion stand out. Maybe less emphasis on the castle.

So now we’ve got all the requirements: blood, shadow, medallion with emPHAsis, symbolism—and an awesome font!

Last thing to do is give you a teeny, tiny teaser about the book:

His Gift is another man’s treasure.

I’d love to hear what you think about the cover(s). Comment below!

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