Original plans called for me going through vacation pictures and making witty captions to post about my recent vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. However… The Green Gomboo came along for the trip. I spent half my would-be gorgeous vacation in the sun and sand sick as a dog. (Ever wonder where that term came from? Me, too. Read about it at World Wide Words. Luckily, I am not sick as a cushion.)


My sister has a time-share in Myrtle Beach—and it’s really beautiful there. She’s pretty good company, too. 😉 She fetched me medicine. And chicken soup—and some decent tissues for my out-of-control nose (because as nice as the resort is, they really skimp on the quality of tissues and toilet paper. And shampoo. You’d think they’d want their customers to be so comfy they never wanted to leave. Or there is a BYOT rule in force that they don’t tell you about?)

Enter the Recovery/Discovery Zone

I discovered that the SyFy channel runs old Star Trek tv shows on Saturdays. All. Day.

I discovered that I’m good for about half a day, tops. Luckily, there was sleeping. Amazing how easy a fever can make sleeping through a vacation.

Three days  of that nonsense, then we went to the local aquarium, where I petted manta rays and sharks. Got pics of the former. The sharks were about as long as my arm. Both were surprisingly soft, and I learned that rays are “flat sharks.”

My cell phone takes terrible pictures. I ask you, is that fair? It is not. FYI, it is not my favorite phone. Not even on the list of Favorite Toys (which includes things like my brand new MacBook Pro, my Wacom tablet, and the magnetic door stop that keeps me from turning into the Incredible Hulk when using my tiny laundry room).

We went to the beach.

We floated around the resort’s lazy river for a good long while, then went out to dinner at Mr. Fish. I might have been pushing it, but I indulged in sushi. Yum.

Aaaand I woke up with a minor fever, a class-A snot factory, and stuffy ears. The 45-minute flight from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta was excruciating. Luckily, I had a four hour layover in which to hunt down some Afrin and pray it got me through the four+ hours to Salt Lake City. It did the trick pretty nicely. I was even able to listen to a movie.

Too bad the movie was a dud. Anyone seen Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty? Good thought. Are-you-serious execution. I give it two out of five stars. Smith—and the extraordinary Helen Mirren—were worth a star.

Then the plane began its decent and AUGH! AGONY!

That was on Wednesday.

Thursday, I didn’t get out of bed until nearly noon. I did better today! Bright and early at 10:15AM!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where’s your favorite place to vacation and why?