Want to take a peek at my super-secret life? I’ve got just the thing for you! First I want to give a shout-out to ManyBooks and the super-kind and patient Ms. Naomi Bolton for inviting me to come to visit on their website. Lots of top-secret questions, pictures, and some inside info about some of my recent characters. You won’t want to miss it!

Check it out here: Robin Lythgoe – Fantasy Adventures with Spunk — and be sure to leave a comment! (Or, yanno, a question, if you have one, and we really hope you do…!)

Robin's interview on Manybooks.net reveals her Secret Life. (Muahahaha!)

Have you got any burning questions for me? (I’ve got some for Bairith Mindar, I’ll tell ya…! Just who does he think he is? The—antagonist. Oh, right. Even so, he takes some pretty wild liberties. I’m just sayin’.)

You can learn more about Blood & Shadow right here: Click Here

I even got this awesome badge:

Thanks again to Naomi Bolton at Manybooks! She rocks. 😊

Robin's interview on Manybooks.net reveals her Secret Life. (Muahahaha!)

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