A Drift of Quills: Three Books and a Desert(ed) Island

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A Drift of Quills has been stranded on a desert island! Since we knew we’d be marooned, we were able to ship in reading material ahead of time. Sadly, we’re limited to three books. Which three will each of us choose?

Five Good Things #9 (Recent Finds from the Ethersphere)

By |2018-02-28T15:38:34-06:00August 25th, 2017|Five Good Things|

The ethersphere is full of fantastic goodness—and by that I mean there are a lot of cool fantasy-type things and fantasy-seeming things out there for us to discover! Sometimes it’s hard limiting myself to just five pieces of awesomeness, but if I didn’t we’d all be down an endless rabbit hole. Come see what I found this time!

Cover Candy #7

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It’s time for a little Cover Candy book lovin’! I usually end up spending more time writing than reading—though once I start reading I’m likely to keep right on going and forget to write! I’m taking part in the 2017 Reading Challenge on Goodreads again—that gives me a push, too! This time I’ve taken a shine to covers with birds on them…