There’s nothing like looking at some good Cover Candy to get me inspired to read! I have to be careful, or I’ll end up with even more books in my TBR Pile.

The ones I’ve chosen this time are wildly different: gritty, whimsical, and classy. They’re all dark-colored (does that make a theme?). I like them for completely different reasons, but I find each of them intriguing.

As usual, I can’t vouch for the contents of the books represented below. We’re only here for the eye candy!

Cover Stars

Cover Candy #06


~Emma Pass~
Kindle, 386 pages
Delacorte Press
March 11, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction, YA
Artist: Larry Rostant

Cover Candy #06

The Chaos of Stars 

~Kiersten White~
Kindle, 293 pages
September 10, 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Artist: (unknown)

Legacy of Kings, by EleanorHerman

Legacy of Kings: Blood of Gods and Royals #1 

~Eleanor Herman~
Hardcover, 432 pages
Harlequin Teen
August 18, 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Myths and Legends
Artist: (unknown)

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Which cover is your favorite of the three?

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