Writing is simple—but it’s not always easy. There are some days when the sheer number of details crash over me like an ocean wave and take me down. Those are the days when I need the advice of authors who’ve been on this journey themselves; when I need to remember the horizon and not just the minutiae of dealing with adverbs, word counts, voice, grammar and punctuation, filter words, and seemingly endless literary jellyfish.

On the wall right across from my desk I have two tall shelves stuffed with books. I like books, so it pleases me just to see them sitting there, old friends and new. But on those days those books stand as a testimony. Somebody wrote these. I can write, too…

Quotes: BadWriting_JanetHulstrand

Quotes: CarefulOfBooks_TessaGray

Quotes: ImpressOthers_GuyKawasaki

Quotes: SheWritesAnyway_BryanHutchinson

Quotes: WriterDelusions_ScottLynch

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