Who’s one of your favorite supporting characters in a novel? This month A Drift of Quills are talking about the supporting characters in our new books—what (or who) inspired them, what they’re like, what their favorite color is… Just kidding about the color! Or not. Guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

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I am neck deep in the writing of Crow’s Nest, another novel about the best thief in all the glittering empire. (According to himself.) Crow is a little bit of an attention hog, so today I want to cast some light on one of his supporting characters: Girl.

First, I promise you that “Girl” is not her real name. Second, I promise that you’ll find out what that is in the new book. And that’s it for spoilers today! But how did she come by such an awful moniker? Well, in a word, Crow. The poor young lady is mute and didn’t get much say (oh, so sorry, pun!) in the matter when they met originally. Crow’s partner Tanris objected strenuously and often but unfortunately, Crow turned the situation into a game. (A shock, I know…)

Girl, as portrayed by model Sigrid Agren

Girl, as portrayed by model Sigrid Agren

As it happened, Girl could not read or write. Crow and Tanris could not speak her hand language. So while they’re all off hunting ‘demons’ in the wilderness, they teach each other. Girl, however, chooses to make the telling of her name conditional—a fact Crow doesn’t find out until things get slightly sticky with the emperor. Apparently, he is not the only devious member of their little party…

Girl is a fun little mystery. In addition to having the very useful skills of cooking, cleaning, and mending, she wields a mean crossbow. She’s clever, loyal, and resourceful. She can also be surprisingly determined and… bossy. The latter characteristic comes in handy when Crow and Tanris butt heads and she steps between them—literally—and assumes the part of referee.

What or who inspired her character? Well… I can’t think of anything in particular. As with most of the characters for my stories, she came to me on her own, compellingly whole. I love how she serves as a buffer between two strong-willed and wildly contrasting men, and I love how she brings out in them qualities that we would not see if she wasn’t part of the tale. I can’t wait to see what else she does to them—How about you?

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The supporting character I’d like to throw a spotlight on today is from my upcoming novel and work-in-progress, “The McGalliard Street Gate.” It’s a fast-paced, action-adventure novel about two brothers, Mikey and Lucas, aimed at 2nd, 3rd, & 4th graders that’s a fabulous explosionary mashup of Jurassic Park and The Hardy Boys. (You might recall I did a character sketch of “Doc” from the same story a couple of months ago. Can you tell I’m excited?)

Today, I want to introduce you to Jim Braxton, a retired Orlando chief-of-police…


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A Drift of Quills are talking about supporting characters in our new books—what inspired them, what they’re like, and how they impact the stories… [www.robinlythgoe.com/blog]



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