Flesh and Bone, the second book of The Mage’s Gift, is currently in the hands of my trusty beta readers.

It’s about time, right? mumblesickmumbleALSmumblewritersblockmumbleotherexcusesupthewahzoo…

Picking up right where Blood and Shadow left off, my awesome critique partner says “SWEET ending. Love this. Well done. Really, really awesome.” Would she lie???

Fortunately, my husband had this cover nearly done before ALS swooped in and robbed him of the ability to do any more work in Photoshop. Friends and fellerboobles, I give you the luscious cover for Flesh and Bone, coming September 4th.

Flesh and Bone (The Mage's Gift: Part 2), by Robin Lythgoe — https://robinlythgoe.com

Last thing to do is give you a teeny, tiny teaser about the book:

When magically Gifted Sherakai dan Tameko is remade and trained to become Bairith Mindar’s personal weapon, even he cannot control the creature he becomes. Now, with his volatile skills painting a bloody path across the country, he must outwit the man who enslaved him and destroyed his life.

I’d love to hear what you think about the cover. Comment below!

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