At a recent family gathering the conversation degenerated into a listing of all the Horrible Things going on in the world—especially in our own area. Shootings, robberies, neglect, abuse. All the typical frightening events of our dystopian society.

“What about some good stories?” I asked, but the discussion was stuck on the general doomsday scenario.

“I read that a cow was rescued from a ditch in our city,” I provided. Happy news, right? No one died, was broken, destroyed, or otherwise doomed. I’ll bet the cow was relieved. The topic got some laughs, but I was left wondering (not for the first time) why people are so determined to dwell on the negative aspects of life.

Terrible, trying things happen, sure. My family is currently facing its toughest trial ever. It’s taking a lot out of me, and it’s going to change my life drastically. But among all the tears and terror, there are beautiful things happening:

• A son-in-law finishing a yard project we had to abandon
• The awesome people at my husband’s company sponsoring two fund-raising events
• Friends and neighbors fixing our broken appliances (Doesn’t it figure they’d go out in the middle of disaster?) and ailing garage door, bringing treats, mowing the lawn, volunteering rides, offering relief
• Our amazing son and daughters mending, researching, fetching, cooking, organizing, supporting, and generally being… well, amazing

And you know what? There are lots of amazing people in the world doing amazing things. I’ve rounded up Five Good Things for you (Don’t worry, no cows in ditches…!)

Amazing People Doing Amazing Things

Biodegradable 6-pack Ring is Edible to Sea Life
Florida’s Saltwater Brewery has created a six-pack ring that feeds sea animals instead of killing them. They’re made of wheat and barley, biodegradable, and world-friendly. Look at those amazing people using their noggins!

Happiness is the Key to Life

Six Illogical Genre Aesthetics
Besides these examples being completely true, the author wrote about them in a way that made me laugh out loud. I know I’m easily entertained, but Oren Ashkenazi has a way with words that tickles my sense of humor.

Exploring the Brothers Grimm Museum

“The parts about the fairy tales and the lives of the Grimms were fascinating, but I think the best thing about the museum, for me, was its celebration of language.” ~Nicola Alter

City of Yphyrion
Since I previously featured a map by Maxime Plasse, I meant to choose another artist. But… well… I really like this one! “This map was intended to show some late 19th century city cartography style, with a fictionnal city.” I don’t know about “late 19th century,” but it’s sure got my wheels turning for doing some city mapping!

City of Yphyrion, by Maxime Plasse-dA (Amazing People)

Want to see more good stuff? I’ve got you covered: All Kinds of Good Things

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