So Hubby and I binge-watched the first two seasons of The Frankenstein Chronicles. A horror, mystery, sci-fi series from Rainmark Films in the UK, the show follows the crime-solving John Marlott as he tries to discover whodunnit. While Mary Shelley’s book does indeed figure—and Shelley even appears as one of the cast members—this is certainly not just another interpretation of the original novel.

If you’re looking for another retelling of the Frankenstein novel, this isn’t it—but The Frankenstein Chronicles is a fascinating and creative tale in which the book figures. It’s horror, mystery—and sci-fi. And who *is* the antagonist? https://robinlythgoe.comWhat we’ve got is a fascinating and creative tale based on galvanism and the re-animation of corpses—along with some good old-fashioned “tinctures.” The Frankenstein Chronicles begins about ten years after the novel in question, with the body of a child washed up on the shore of the river. She’s been stitched together from multiple sources. Who could have done such a wicked and cruel thing?

Sean Bean stars (“You mean Seeeeen Beeeeen?” my son inquires. “Or is that Shawn Bawn?”) as the troubled and wonderfully conflicted detective. I like this character. He’s meek, but he has a temper. He’s determined, but suffers confusion and doubt. It’s very possible that he’s suffering dementia, which only serves to ratchet up the tension and speculation. The story is undeniably dark. The candidates for the mastermind behind the dastardly deed(s) keep changing. Unexpected people die. I wouldn’t call it action-packed, but it is definitely intriguing.

Super Trivia Fans will discover some connections to the old British television Sharpe’s Rifles. Marlott served in “the 95th Rifles.” So did Sharpe. A murder weapon is a sword bayonet for a Baker rifle. The 95th Rifles Regiment used Baker rifles. The Rifles wore green jackets. Marlott has one in his trunk.

I am more and more wary of the “TV-MA” ratings given to television shows. They seem to be another name for the traditional “R” rating. Happily, this one wasn’t chock full of bad language, blood and gore, or sex.

Not so happily, a recent inquiry into the vast realm of the internet couldn’t ascertain whether The Frankenstein Chronicles has been renewed for a third season or not. Season two wrapped up with an ending that could be an ending, but suggests there is more to the story. If season three is released, we can expect it toward the end of 2019. Or 2020, if you’re watching on Netflix…

I wouldn’t mind watching it again. It would definitely feed my need to see how stories and characters are developed, plots twist, themes are addressed, weird things happen.

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