You may have heard that Twitter recently supplied users with a new way to dress up their profile pages with picture headers similar to Facebook’s. Ooh, shiny! Right? Yes, the moment I heard (courtesy of the awesome Indies Unlimited), I hurried off to rummage through photos taken by my hubby, searching for something appropriate that I could torture manipulate in Photoshop so the theme as well as the colors would match my current custom theme, which matches my blog (Didja notice?). Luckily for me, the obligatory white text goes very nicely with my choice, and I didn’t have to do any crazy headstands or leaping through hoops to make things work.

Apparently the Twitter Folks aren’t aware that “light designs are preferred by the general web-going audience by a whopping 47%. The main reason is readability. Most people don’t like viewing light text against a dark background on websites because it strains their eyes, making for a much less enjoyable experience.(The Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Web Design)

Amazingly, I kept the distraction under control. Mostly. And voilá!

Writing Partner Kris says “Looks awesome!” and I am inclined to agree.

What do you think? Have you created your new Twitter header image yet? Post a link!